Artur Yakobov

Artur Yakobov born in 1982, Uzbekistan
Artur lives and works in Israel.

He used to draw and paint from an early age and was interested in art and drawing.There are no artists or any connection to art in his family and he was desperate for knowledge.At the age of 12 when he got to a boarding school his talent and art potential was detected and an art class was established especially for him. There he was exposed to new themes and knowledge about art and art history. The art instructors in this class recommended him to go to "Mizpe Ramon art and science academy". When Artur first arrived to Mizpe Ramon he felt at home, there his journey to the art world begun. In Mizpe Ramon Artur found a Supportive and educating environment. He was taught all art media but was drawn to drawing and painting.

Later on he approached academic studies at "Hamidrasha art academy Beit- Berl". During his studies there he felt that the attitude to figurative drawing and painting is dismissive and condescending especially compared to conceptual and "Want of Matter" (an Israeli current art).  As a response he started to draw a large scale figurative drawings. After he graduated his studies in "Hamidrasha" with honors he began his way as an independent artist in the Israeli harsh and cruel art world. Artur felt he lacked the profound knowledge and   technique in figurative drawing and painting so he approached studying at "Hatahana", a studio for figurative drawing and painting.

Nowadays, after attending 3 years of studying in a "master class" with the masters David Nippo and Aram Gershuni his art is focuses on drawing and oil painting that relates to the great tradition of Western art. In his work, Artur concentrates on the object he is drawing or painting, on the light that falls on it and on composition.

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March 20, 2009

The START residence