Liora Kaplan

Liora Kaplan, know by the moniker Vanilla Royal, is a multi-disciplinary artist based in Tel Aviv. Using sculpture, painting and video, her work juxtaposes the anxiety of the everyday with the repetitive patterns of ancient historical and religious mythology. Drawing from years of work as a spiritual healer, and in contrast in the grey zones of commercial industry, her work attempts to relieve objects of their original meaning and to re-charge them with colour, movement, texture and cultural cross-referencing to provoke a past-present-future continuum.
Liora Kaplan began working under Vanilla Royal in 2007 as a way to work exclusively and anonymously online, and became one of the first entirely online artists in Israel. The name was used as a way to form a space between the physical and online realms she was inhabiting. In a meditation on time and physicality, the online artworks have since found their way out of the digital space and into physical form now displayed in galleries, private collections and public spaces.

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January 1, 2020

The Artist – Meeting with Liora Kaplan


January 25, 2022

Congratulations to Liora Kaplan on her solo exhibition "Rhythms of Permanent Resonance" on view now at CCA Tel Aviv