Congratulations to Liora Kaplan on her solo exhibition "Rhythms of Permanent Resonance" on view now at CCA Tel Aviv


Aspects of Existence, 2021

Glass, Brass and Israeli ceramics from the factories of Kfar Menachem and Harsa, 164 × ø 73 cm

Courtesy of the artist and Braverman Gallery, Tel Aviv

Photo: Tal Nissim

The sculptural work of Liora Kaplan (*1974, Herzliya; lives and works in Tel Aviv-Yafo) explores the relationship between contemporary pop culture, shamanism, and primitivism, while simultaneously bringing forth new understanding to the notion of appropriation, being that the objects presented in her work have a strong cultural significance and are charged with the authorship of their craftsmanship. Through a collection of objects belonging to different cultures and traditions and created in disparate places, the artist ‘mines’ what is symbolic. In other words, her work materializes the possibility of imbuing symbols with personal meaning and underlines the role of time and space as key conditions for such a process to happen.


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