Lihi Turjeman

Lihi Turjeman born in 1985
Lives and works between Tel-Aviv and Turin

On floors and ceilings, within and behind walls, Lihi Turjeman’s large-scale installations penetrate layers of lime and plaster, geography and history. Through intense labor, digging through walls, mixing materials and transferring layers of paint, she maps territories and reveals layers of personal and public history, at times hidden from the eye. In a constant search for built and imagined architectures, past histories and current narratives, the source, the center and the center of gravity, she documents constant decay, urban, social and human.

Turjeman graduated with honors for her BFA in the Art Department at the Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem and MFA studies in Bezalel Academy. In her graduation exhibition she showed large scale painting installation named ‘TIKUN OLAM’. During her studies, she received the Lauren and Mitchell Presser award for excellence in painting, and the Joseph and Ada Bulapio award for outstanding achievements in the department of history and theory.

Lihi has presented numerous solo exhibitions most recently "Self Centered Room (In Back to Artport )", 2019, curated by Vardit Gross,Tel-Aviv, Israel; "2018 WELCOME", Popup show presented by Temporary Estate, Brooklyn, NY;  "Geapolitica", 2017 EDIT, Turin, Italy. Notable group exhibitions include, 

She has particiapted in the following residencies: the International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP), 2018, Brooklyn ,New York; NARS Foundation, Brooklyn, New York ( ARTIS grant), FONDAZIONE SPINOLA BANNA PER L’ARTE, 2017, Italy; Artport TLV,2016,  Jaffa, Israel. 

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July 1, 2013

Welcome Lihi Turjeman to START Studio