Hadar Pery

Hadar Pery born in 1986, Israel
lives and works in Tel-Aviv/Jerusalem.

"My medium ranges from painting to sculpture to large-scale installation. Before working with installations, I created more traditional expressive paintings. With these images I threw myself on the canvas, and soon felt uncomfortable with the results. Over time I cut back on my work as I tried to avoid the exposed feeling I endured while showing my art. I felt naked while facing questions about a piece that revealed my inner emotions and history – I wanted to escape to a cleaner, safer place. As a result my artwork has evolved from blatantly expressive to minimalist and abstract. My work is itself the image, the game between matter and space. I'm interested in the tension between painting and sculpture, between clean play and dirty work. I try to create tension in a simple yet inventive way - it's a process of abstraction and reduction, with the end result showing only bare necessity. What you see is simply there; this is what interests me" 
Hadar Pery

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March 29, 2016

"START ON PAPER" at ArTi Art Fair