Tal Frank

Tal Frank born in 1973, Israel
lives and works in Tel Aviv. 

Tal Frank is a sculptor and an installation artist. Random accidents lay at the core of her work. She creates sculptural installations that present an imaginary world inspired from common objects and materials that are placed within new sculptural settings, proposing a new, subjective vision where sculptural elements are interpreted as ready-made objects stripped from their pre-identified functional value. These new, self-created surroundings are rich in materials, yet quiet and minimalist in their tone, and through them Frank explores contemporary formalism.

Frank is deeply passionate about materials and endlessly curious about the relation between object and space, between the whole and its parts. She is dedicated to sculpture as a practice grounded on high craftsmanship, expanded in depth and reach through conceptual exploration and reflection. In her work Frank strives to balance and to develop a dialog between conceptual and contemporary post-modern questions, alongside work grounded in the classical sculpture traditions, to which she reacts in a language that is simultaneously new and old, intimate and open, reinterpreting and complementing the traditional masculine tone through feminine shades and traits.

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