Lihi Nidiz

The primary incentive to Lihi's creations is a well-known action that takes the “familiar” and creates a “disruption”, an effect that gives the spectator a renovated feeling of the familiar. 
The goal is to create an emotional response. An individual living its life comes across artwork, an action enabling him to escape his daily routine. This action also allows him to communicate in a more spiritual sense and to ask questions not from the mouth but from the hidden. The keywords for Lihi are line, faith, belief, strength, emotion, exploration and challenge. Her inspiration comes mainly from the prosperous Israeli art which succeeds to radicalize and reinforce itself. Conceptual art touched her deeply as well, and she believe that the influence of the word can produce a new world order. Art for her is simple as faith. 
She says the decision inside the making usually comes from the capricious work. The operation in space (Installation) allows her to express herself widely, as the fountain of her creation to the spectator, entire space enabling a walk between things. Sketching is a map into reading this space, the line and shape enables to express herself without any restraints. From the sketches come the ideas to create. The objects contain the phrases of the sketch and create a discovery that holds the pureness of things.  
The material for the objects, sculptures, will arise from the inner motivation of the creation.   

Nidiz's work comes after she was deeply impressed by Robert Capa's photograph "The Falling Soldier" and by Diego Velazquez’s painting “Las Meninas”. Capa’s photograph captivates her. It took two years of observing this picture to transcribe her continuous interest in it. The spaces in between this picture offers inspire and challenge her. Not only that this picture “seized” the moment between life and death, but for her it’s an opening to the physical thought which is inaccessible to the photographic documentation of the photographer and the shooter. Velazquez's painting allows "playing" a game of conceptual observation; we will never be certain of our whereabouts, hence her great interest in it.
The Sun and the Moon are topics keeping Lihi busy for years. Thinking the sun is lonely but spreading its light, whilst the moon is among stars and light isn’t his. The interplay of existence for her is the line - the line is her. The Cypress tree is another theme which makes her wonder, being the fountain of life while playing a part in death. Her great interest is what happens between the sun and the moon. She is researching the line in between, and her wish is to build an exhibition of objects visible to the eye, but also that opens the thought into the undocumented space. 

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March 29, 2016

"START ON PAPER" at ArTi Art Fair