Nidiz's work comes after she was deeply impressed by Robert Capa's photograph "The Falling Soldier" and by Diego Velazquez’s painting “Las Meninas”. Capa’s photograph captivates her. It took two years of observing this picture to transcribe her continuous interest in it. The spaces in between this picture offers inspire and challenge her. Not only that this picture “seized” the moment between life and death, but for her it’s an opening to the physical thought which is inaccessible to the photographic documentation of the photographer and the shooter. Velazquez's painting allows "playing" a game of conceptual observation; we will never be certain of our whereabouts, hence her great interest in it.

July 2015

Graduate exhibition | Bezalel, Jerusalem

26 July 2015

| Appaling and diapointing Fine Arts graduates’ exhibition Bezalel Academy