Daniella Hai

Daniella Hai, born in 1986, lives and works in Tel Aviv. Graduated with honours in 2015 from Beit Berl College - Ha’midrasha Faculty of Arts, majoring in Art and Art Education.

"My main area of focus in my work is media, it allows me the freedom to take inspiration from things in the real world and draw new connections from them. Part of my process involves collecting existing audio and video materials and assembling them into a multi-layered fabric (news images, Youtube pieces, cinematic images and autobiographical pieces), from which I extract musical and visual moments that I weave into a collage. In my work I combine my visual desires, my auditory sensitivity, and my interest in music. Through editing, collecting and live performances, I have created a performance installation in which both harmonic and dis-harmonic channels exist, accompanying the assemblage of visual video fragments. 
I have always combined my close environment and the people around me into my art. This stems from the desire to break and reassemble a new fabric; to take ready-made components and reconnect them into a new musical-visual composition. My family traditions and the home I that I come from are important components in my work as well. The Investigation of autobiographical elements from the past and present appears in different forms throughout my work. My immediate family has a meaningful part in my pieces: in all of my pieces there is a reflection of the way I see and hear each one of them, both as individuals close to my heart and as allegorical representations of issues that are of interest to me.
In addition to the personal and internal aspects of my creations, all my works include a conceptual element based on philosophical thinking, educational beliefs, political statements and references to the worlds of literature and poetry. This element includes editing, writing and creating structures linked through text. 
For me art is a unique way of reflecting infinite layers of my experience as a human being, as an artist and as a viewer." Daniella Hai

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