Gabby Nathan

Gabby Nathan,Born in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, 1978; Immigrated to Israel in 1990; lives and works in Tel Aviv, graduated from the visual communications department at Holon Institute of Technology. After finishing her studies, began to work as an art director in one of the leading Post-Production companies in Israel, where she was involved in advertisement and animation series. Gabby Nathanā€˜s painting is heavily influenced by Japanese Manga culture, featuring a typical, red-haired girl/doll figure with sculpted features and a jagged patch under one of her eyes. According to Nathan, this is a self portrait. This figure is surrounded by inflatable plastic dolls, with which she seems to struggle. Its distorted face, huge eyes and exaggerated gestures, as well as the images' compositions and the use of bright red, result in bizarre, troubling scenes. Pronounced contours shape the artist's illustrative style, inspired by Pop Art, popular culture icons and street art. Subversive and full of protest, her work criticizes the obsessions of an industrialized, filthy and artificial - but also enticing and addictive - consumerist world. 

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