Body Doubles

Oct 11, 2018-Oct 14, 2018
Curator: Serge Tiroche
Art Market Budapest 2018

About the exhibition

Adva Kremer presents Body Doubles, where she explores the representation of women in artworks created by male artists, and their much fewer female counterparts. The male vs. female portraits are paired to create a powerful insight into gender inequality and body image perceptions. The term body double is used in film-making to replace an actor, especially in nude scenes. Kremer appropriates this term by highlighting the double standard between male/female and body/nudity. This series of works is part of Adva Kremer's project The Museum of Empiric Values. Kremer has created a technological platform that makes woven reproductions of artworks, using Jacquard looms connected to Google Trends, a search engine that provides information on the public’s interest levels in a particular artwork. Her work crosses thousands of years of human innovation – from ancient methods of textile weaving to modern systems of digital computing and data analysis. Kremer has created a unified empirically-based method of evaluating, producing, exhibiting, and pricing of art. The resulting artworks, produced using a combination of advanced and outdated technology, question the true value of art today and expose the fragile nature of prices in the art market.

Exhibited Works

The Curator

Serge Tiroche

ST-ART Founder