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The video installation ‘nothing to write home about’ is filmed in a small apartment - the artists home. In the 8 video segments the artist disguises herself, becoming different household objects; In one of the videos the artist becomes a table, in another a coat hanger. Each video ends with the artist camouflaged as an object in the seemingly empty room. When the room is empty the video seems like a still picture.

Calling the process in which the artist becomes an object camouflage encapsulates part of the duality of the work since camouflage methods are used for opposite intentions: for protection and assault. Both options arise. As the video progresses, the questions: who is the addressee? Will someone enter the room? becomes more and more urgent.

The Video installation ‘Nothing to write home about’ shifts through contradictory moods. The melancholic drive to disappear is accompanied by an unexpected joy of becoming an object. The living body becomes a functional object- the young woman on screen is literally reduced to an object. In a peculiar manner this does not seem only tragic or abusive, but also productive and libidinal, filled with hidden pleasure. Another perplexity in this video - the hiding is also what makes the artist so visible.

June 20, 2012

| Ad matay Bezalel 2012 | Achbar Hair

June 4, 2013

| The Israel Museum acquired new works in a scope of 560 thousand Shekels | Globes