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"Above my parents bed was installed a bell. Every morning my mother would ring this bell, the sound moving through the walls and exiting in the kitchen. Maria would enter the bedroom and serve, chanting “Tee for the master and coffee for the madam”. I was a child and often slept in my parents' bed. Maria was like a mother to me. The years are prior to 1991. There is a state of Apartheid. I do not know where Maria is.
In 1991 I immigrated with my parents to Israel 2 chairs, a bell, tee and coffee, framed photograph, framed self portrait and an ongoing performance. As the viewers enter the space and ring the bell I serve from the kitchen tee for the men and coffee for the woman. A framed picture ( from the family album ) hangs on the wall. The viewers may sit on the two chairs. Ideally, the ritual should be performed during the duration of the whole exhibition". Ariel Reichman


| Ariel Reichman: The Space Between Here and There | The Artist and Distanz Verlag GmbH, Berlin

January 1, 2015

Where is Maria?