START Exhibition: Beit Kandinof

Beit Kandinof, Tel Aviv-Yafo 

02.07.2018 – 15.07.2018

We recently hosted a dinner and exhibition from the START Israeli art incubator collection, for a group of leading curators, artists, collectors, and journalists. The trip was organized by Culture for Coexistence - a UK based not-for-profit organization seeking to bridge divides and encourage coexistence between Israelis and Palestinians through a cultural platform. The event was much fun and gave good exposure to a generation of upcoming Israeli and African artists which we support.

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Amir Nave b. 1974 Balancing Act, 2018 Oil, graphite and canvas collage on canvas 210 x 200 cm
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Michel Platnic b. 1970 After Three Studies for Portait of Lucian Freud 1965, 2013 Video, full HD, 3 x Framed Flat Screens, left: 15:32 min; center: 17:22 min; right: 18:48 min Edition 6+2AP
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Amir Nave b. 1974 Circus of Pain, 2013 Pen and ink on paper 144 x 99 cm

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Lihi Turjeman b. 1985 Wax Project - Brener 17, 2013 Wall fragments on canvas, various dimensions

For more information about the artists: 

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Michel Platnic 

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