"Collector": A New Book by Eunju Park

Korean author and art consultant Eunju Park dedicates a chapter of her new book 'Collector' to Serge Tiroche, providing an interesting insight into his collecting practice. 

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A collector chooses works of art and builds a collection with a cohesion of his or her own. That approach allows the collector to discover hidden talents and promote artists to the forefront of the international stage.

In her new book entitled “Collector”, author and art consultant Eunju Park has interviewed 11 passionate art collectors about their collections and philosophies. This book introduces the reader to, among others, a family perpetuating a collection over three generations, a French collector recognized with an award from the Order of the Arts and Letters, the director of the Matisse Museum in Le Cateau-Cambresis, and the organizer of a contemporary edition art fair, Co-Founder of Art Fund Society , Art advisor . Collectors of various nationalities and professions talk about the reasons they started an art collection. They share their motivations for purchasing a particular piece and their criteria for selecting a painting. Their personal insights and stories respond to the curiosity of the public vis-à-vis contemporary art and art collectors. Their genuine anecdotes also reflect the history of art and of collecting as this history is being made today.

To read the chapter in Korean about Serge Tiroche, click here.


Tamir Lichtenberg · Shay Id Alony · Sharon Glazberg · Nihad Dabit · Know Hope · Dana Yoeli · Angelika Sher ·

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