The digital art works utilize a vast array of accumulated source materials, taken by using screen shots and then hand drawn using a paint software.  The various sources mostly include b-movies, game shows, obscure sci fi tv series, reality cop shows and more.  Choosing these types of materials allows performing a personal commentary on screen projected imagery. In these relatively obscure formats which are often made with low budget the seams are more apparent. The magic that is produced by more mainstream formats and is meant to suck the viewer into the plot is less apparent as the viewer becomes increasingly aware of the components that form the narrative. These include the building blocks of the common projected image such as the process of acting, set building and photography. Re-painting these images is in some way a mean to reconnect these images or fixing them or allowing them to flaunt their eerie and comical elements. After the initial drawing takes place there is a reexamination and an adding of a rawer and simplistic layer of painting that exposes and dismantles them again but this time in another medium while keeping most of the cultural DNA embedded. The works contain the bases of building a narrative as they communicate by using and distorting stereotypical elements and focus on the simplest myths and stories while avoiding their immediate resolve

August 31, 2015

Bones Brigade | Curator: Shai Dobjinski