Amir makes rigorous, uncompromising, and accurate staged photographs of marginalized communities.  The scenes are inspired by the daily life of the community, and their staging reflects the dynamic relationships between his subjects and himself. The complicated production demanded by a large and medium format camera turns his working process into a collaboration. The end product is a photograph that distinctly fuses poetics and social and ethical concerns and expresses a duality between precise, formal photography and pressing social issues.

The camera for Amir is a tool for social interaction as much as it is a means of capturing and producing images. In this sense, his work is not about the decisive moment or the split second of capturing an image, but rather the time period we live in; and thus his projects are long-term endeavors involving communities on the margins of society that bend to economic, political, and social limitations.

02/18/14 - 04/16/14

Ron Amir | The Digital Art Lab Hulon


July 2004 - August 2004

Photographs | Hamidrasha Gallery, Tel-Aviv


October 2005

Omanut Haaretz 4 | Riding port, Tel-Aviv

March 2010

Remains | ST-ART Residence, Jaffa

September 2011 - December 2011

Blowing on a hairy shoulder/Grief hunters | Institute of Contemporary art, Philidelphia


May 2013 - June 2013

The Zionist artwork prize | The Station, Tel Aviv

February 2014

Jisr Al Zarqa - Back and Forth | Haifa Museum of Art


06/14/2015 - 08/30/2015

FIRE AND FORGET. ON VIOLENCE | KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin



| Ron Amir: Jisr al-Zarqa, Back and Forth | Haifa Museum