Elbling employs different media and disciplines in the aim of introducing a discussion surrounding the values of photography and reflecting on its nature. Consequently, she finds that oftentimes she chooses to put down the camera in order to strengthen her familiarity with it, and step away from the photograph in order to better look at it.   Elbling is interested in the changing role of photography as a medium, and specifically the trust we place in photography's ability to represent reality. Nowadays, photography is increasingly replacing language as part of a worldwide process of digitalization, where experiences are reduced to two-dimensional representations. We have no need for photography that follows reality, quite the contrary – more often than not we strive to match the photographic image, which gained the status of an ideal.   Her works touch and generate discussions in different disciplines of thought: architecture and its components have a prominent presence in her art, as an image, as material and as a space. Different modes of operation allow her to expand and deepen the notion of Home/House: at times in its mental and emotional connotations, and other times through the examination of its graphic boundaries, its manifestation in a new space. 

May 2013

Artists Greenhouse | Fresh Paint, Tel Aviv, Israel