The female figures that star in Michal Yaniv's paintings are dressed in leather apparel, decked in BDSM fetish gear and wear assorted masks. Their fetish-related actions are slightly ridiculed, with the artist wishing to sarcastically portray "strong" women who enjoy power and domination games which might ultimately be their undoing. They are superheroes of a fictional world dominated by aggressiveness, violence and sex.

Thus, In her works you will come across figures bound in a kind of bio-mechanical hammock or "feeding" on a tube connected to a figure's loins. We can identify The alienation and grotesque feeling through the use of a familiar posture from portrait painting. The subject (a self-portrait?) is immortalized in ink on canvas in three-quarter profile, her upper body slanted sideways and her hand gently leaning
on her thigh - like a Mona Lisa Dominatrix.

Michal Yaniv was Born in Rishon LeZion, 1979; lives and works in Tel Aviv

July 2008

| Graduate Exhibition