Welcome Tamar Roded to START Studio

"In my creation process, each painting begins with lines and color stains, while the images and subject matters evolve from the raw materials. I explore the borders between abstraction and presentation—the investigation of composition, movement, space and colors motivates me while simultaneously images of fantastic urban landscape arise from the painting.

My background as a professional dancer made the physical aspect a substantial part of my creation process. I paint on big scale boards, so the large formats allow me to perform big gestures, to move around and have a dynamic relationship with the painting. In addition, dance has an influence on the images I choose, images that their essence is the creation of movement and energy.

I see the city as an entity that is driven by Eros and Thanatos, it's in a state of an ever changing struggle between the self consuming and the self creating. I reflect this fluid state in the way I paint, I use liquid paint that streams, spreads and leaks on top of the wood, the painting is occupied by its inner struggle of both creation and distraction; I leave it in an eternal state of becoming." Tamar Roded

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