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"I create my works by connecting daily images that I find in my close environment. The inspiration may come from decorative items that are sold in flea markets or from strange combinations that are randomly gathered on a billboard. I infuse these images with basic shapes, familiar to us from ancient structures. I re-compose them using the syntax of the marketing and commercial language. I create these combinations to unfold the story of reality as I experience it - as a variety of disguised interests co-existing in the public sphere.

I search for new ways of understanding the possibilities of creating solidarity and passion using imagery, mostly through abstract shapes and primary colors, which are so abundant in the media world of today. I aim to disassemble this realm of the spectacular which we consume whether consciously or by lack of choice. I do this in order to expose the political interests that lie beneath these aesthetics.

I aspire to find out what makes the exotic desirable and vice-versa: how the other is perceived and represented. I want to trace the origins of these default images and shapes we are so familiar with, in order to unveil their history as cultural indicators and carriers of ideology. Ultimately, I wish to explore how different public characters have evolved and why eventually they all began to resemble one another, by understanding the mechanism of the lowest common denominator."

Rona Stern

Image titleImage title'Greetings', Sokol gallery, 2012 Nowy Sącz, poland


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