Welcome Jonathan Goldman to START Studio

In his work, Goldman combines asphalt, chemical laboratory materials, plant roots, and readymade objects with electronic equipment, LED lights and sound sensors. His work process challenges conventional techniques and materials, implementing experiments that stretch the boundaries of the media in which he works.

It is the encounter with the materials, the dynamic work process, and the transformations that occur in the work from the formulation of the concept to the finished object that fascinate Goldman and constitute the heart of his artistic practice.

In his work process, Goldman uses drawing as a point of departure for translating images that capture his imagination into the visual dimension. Henceforth, the original meaning of the images becomes fluid and they undergo a transformation that develops them into objects.

In his installations Goldman uses loudspeakers that emit sounds that have been recorded and processed from the environments in which he lives and works. Like the visual images in his work, which are composed of both memories and random daily encounters, the sounds can also be either recordings of voices from Goldman’s autobiographical past, from the natural environment, or sounds created during the installation’s development.

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