Oren Fischer in the START Collection

We are pleased to add five works by Oren Fischer to the START Collection. Oren Fischer won the 2019 Sotheby's Under the Hammer Prize at Fresh Paint Art Fair, selected by a team of experts from the international auction house Sotheby’s. Oren Fischer will exhibit his works in a solo show at Sotheby’s new Tel Aviv office in 2019-2020. The artist is currently on a residency at the START Collection and working on this upcoming exhibition as well as other projects such as the stage design for the White Screen show at Barby Tel Aviv (images below).

Sotheby’s new home is located in the heart of Tel Aviv, on a vibrant square on Rothschild Boulevard. The exhibition space is used to display highlights from Sotheby’s international auctions, as well as prominent international collections.

Based in Tel Aviv, Oren Fischer is known for his illustrations, videos, and sculptures. He has created his own language and style which incorporate image and text with naive typography. Fischer draws in the streets and raises socio-political issues. He works with musicians in Tel Aviv designing album covers and art direction the likes of Red Axes and The White Screen among others. 

The works acquired in the START Collection are based on a new book of illustrations and a solo exhibition by the artist launched in 2018, at the Red House, a cultural and art center in the Shapira neighborhood. The event was devoted entirely to cultural discourse and artistic creation about cancer. 

Ahuva's story is a gift of friendship, just before the big surgery to remove "Goshon", the artist Oren Fisher gave his friend "Ahuva" a booklet of illustrations describing her journey from the point of view of her loved ones. Painful, direct and full of humor and love, Fisher's illustrations appear in his unique and familiar style, which allows readers to accompany and feel her story closely as if they were her friends. Inspired by the book, a large-sized installation was built in the gallery space, consisting of canvas, sewn by a group of women aged 25-35, during the preliminary months of the exhibition. During the meetings, conversations were held and shared concerns about the danger women face and fear of breast cancer. In the series of fabrics, each canvas depicts another struggle of her lover in dealing with the illness and the series of intensive treatments.