Noa Yekutieli's Tel-Aviv Solo exhibition "We Say it's the Nature of Things"

We are very excited to invite you to Noa Yekutieli's upcoming solo exhibition "We Say it's the Nature of Things" opening on November 25th at Inga Gallery in Tel-Aviv! Noa Yekuteieli is showing a series of new works that build upon the dual symbolic meaning of windows as an architectural fixture that embodies the cusp of the domestic and public spaces. The window panes carry intricate flora patterns that mix and blur with images of ruins and destruction behind them. This tension alludes to camouflage as a survival mechanism, while pointing towards concealment as a method of denial. Working with a craft-based manual paper cutting technique, this series continues my exploration of the unique role craft has in carrying broad social narratives over time. 

Shoji Screen, 2021, manual paper-cutting 152 x 247 cm | 60 x 97 inches 

Please join us for the opening: Thursday, November 25, 20:00, Inga Gallery 7 Bar Yochai st., Tel-Aviv


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