Nirit Takele Solo Exhibition at Addis Fine Arts, London

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Nirit Takele, Flying with Angels, 2018

Wednesday, October 24, 2018, between 6-8pm, opens a wonderful exhibition by Nirit Takele titled "Flying with Angels" at Addis Fine Art's London project space in Tafeta Gallery. 

In collaboration with Serge Tiroche‚Äôs Israeli art incubator START and the Africa First Residency Program, Addis Fine Art hosted Nirit Takele for a two-month residency in Addis Ababa. Her renewed encounter with the reality of her birthplace has led Nirit to produce some of her most remarkable works. Inspired by the colors around her, she adopted a much brighter palette giving the exuberantly colorful works an enhanced vividness and depth. 

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