Nevet Yitzhak at Kunsthaus Baselland

We are happy to share Nevet Yitzhak's participation in the exhibition "Afterlight. Afterglow: Video Installation and Their Pioneers" on view at Kunsthaus Baselland through January 23—May 5, 2021. 

"A temporally authentic, precise observation of the present (thanks to the new possibilities presented by the video camera, monitor, and recorder) has allowed artists, especially since the 1960s, to approach and work with this material in completely new ways. What did this new artistic style develop from, what is the role of kinetic works, how have they evolved, what are their precursors, and what part did Swiss artists play in this alongside their international colleagues? What role did the development of Super 8 play, and are innovative works that once explored the medium in a fascinating way still able to be understood today?" - Kunsthaus Baselland


Nevet Yitzhak ·