Art Market Budapest features Eran Shakine's "The Girl from Buda"

Eran Shakine commisioned outdoor sculpture "The Girl from Buda" for Art Market Budapest.

The Girl from Buda is a 6-meter tall sculpture of a young girl installed in front of the Chain Bridge in the center of Budapest. It depicts the young girl walking toward the bridge. Is she coming back home from a night out in Pest? Is she on a catwalk?

Throughout art history, artists tried to represent the female form as a canon of beauty, while in the more recent past, large figured sculptures were used as part of political strategy. Located on the point where domestic Buda meets the international Pest, where past is giving way to the future, this sculpture is a monument to everyday moments in the lives of young people living in the city.

The sculpture is the largest ever produced by Shakine. It will be dominantly displayed at one of Budapest's most visible crossroads.

Location: Szechenyi Square, Budapest

Open: October 6 - November 30, 2017

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