Ariel Reichnman - Becoming Gewish

8 - 31. October 2021
Exhibition duration

8 - 10. October, 7 pm
Opening and lecture performance at the Wedinghausen Monastery
Film presentation at the St. Laurentius Church

In their project BECOMING GEWISH - a neologism deriving from the words German and Jewish - Ariel Reichman and Jackie Grassmann address the complexity and heterogeneity of contemporary Jewish-German identities. They question continuous incompatibilities as well as explore potentialities of this unique relationship. Based on their long-term friendship and intensive interviews, the artists create a fragmentary cartography of what it means to be German and Jewish today. The exhibition, as well as an on-site lecture performances will be shown in the Wedinghausen Monastery. The film installation “And it´s God who loves whiskey”,  will be shown in the Provost Church of St. Laurentius.

On the occasion of the festival year 2021 - 1700 years of Jewish life in Germany - BECOMING GEWISH is making a contribution to the visibility of today's Jewish life in Germany and is funded by JLID - Jüdisches Leben in Deutschland e.V. in 2021 with funds from the Federal Ministry of the Interior, Building and Homeland. The event takes place as part of the Arnsberg Cultural Summer and in cooperation with the Arnsberg City Cultural Office.

The artists would like to thank the following people for their trust and commitment: Alexander Green, Olaf Kühnemann, Noam, Leonie Otten, Johannes van Suntum, as well as Josephine Burkart, Anneliese Ostertag, Shelley Tootell, Eliza Posny and D.r Johannes and Andrea Teiser.

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