The opposition series, created during Amir's MFA studies in Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, is an extension of his interest in the conflict between the enigmatic and the concrete, between the free painting and a strict precise style, Between contemporary and traditional. Shefet continually doubts these boundaries and categorization.

The series is based on a banal resolution- placing two elements from each category side by side. This proposition maintains  an interesting intersection of the binaries without leading to a decisive conclusion. 
The Realistic elements are taken from still life painting tradition and from the Hirshberg School discipline on which Amir shefet had grown as an artist.  
The abstract or less figurative elements, are based on a layered technique and mixed painting "shatters" to signify the internal battle within Amir himself Between the realistic style and art scene and the Mainstream Scene which doesn't always consider a precise, and in a sens traditional painting, at its center of focus.