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The male figures featured in Roey Heifetz's large-scale drawings seem to have been taken from a novella or a fictional fantasy. Floating on the white page's space, severed from any place and identity, these figures' bizarre outlook and surreal attributes echo the figure of the late 18th Century dandy. The soft graphite lines and massive black patches that surround them create a feeling of excess, exaggeration and distortion. It would seem that Heifetz has an intimate relationship with his surreal figures: "I challenge my painted figures to a kind of duel, until, by the end of the process, they have become anonymous and lose all distinguishing characteristics." Born in Jerusalem, 1978; lives and works in Tel Aviv.

July 2009 - January 2010

Wild Exaggeration - The Grotesque Body in Contemporary Art | Haifa Museum of Art

10/09/2017 - 10/15/2017

The Human Condition – Psychological works from the Serge Tiroche Collection | Art Market Budapest: A38 Gallery


Autumn- Winter 2009-10

| Picnic Magazine


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