START UP project 2014: Tzion Abraham Hazan

Following the successful project "After Bacon" with the artist Michel Platnic, START UP has selected Tzion Abraham Hazan for its ambitious new 2014 artist project. The project has just won the Murray L. Galinson Award for best experimental piece at the Jerusalem Film Festival 2013.

Currently exhibiting solo for the first time in the Tel-Aviv Museum, Tzion Abraham Hazan graduated from Hamidrasha School of Art, Beit Berl College, in July 2012. The exhibition titled “Marganit” shows two related videos: “Salit” and “Marganit”. Both portray a personal attempt to regain individual sovereignty in what he feels is a sovereign state. His works frequently leave remnants of action in the physical urban setting. Such remnants can be found outside the Tel-Aviv Museum on Menashe Kadishman’s monumental sculpture "Binding of Itzhak" which Hazan appropriated for the “Salit” video.

“The main objective of the two works is the Marganit building which is situated in the Kirya in Tel-Aviv. For me the building marks a central point of an area I have no access to” Hazan says, “On the way from the Cinematek to the Museum or the Shalom rail way station I find myself walking around a very sensitive army compound. What bothers me isn’t what's inside the compound. I’m bothered by the civil life and culture that’s developed around it”

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In recent years Hazan exhibited in the Shift Festival for Electronic Arts in Basel, Switzerland; the Israeli Institute for Digital Art in Holon, Israel; Museo Laboratorio di Arte Contemporanea in Universita Sapienza di Roma, Italy; and the CCA Center for Contemporary Art in Tel Aviv. In April 2012, he was chosen by the Israeli magazine ‘Calcalist’ as the most promising young artist in Israel and was also selected to exhibit his work at WEYA (World Event Young Artists), Nottingham, UK in September 2012.

START will finance the end to end production of his next project and develop a business plan in conjunction with Hazan. That project will be promoted to galleries, collectors, curators and museums in order to firmly establish the artist in the Israeli art discourse, and at a later stage make introductions to appropriate international galleries.


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