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Alony's works of art are the result of his research of the personal, the cultural, and the figurative in the medium of sculpture and installation. His main interest is representing ritual energy with symbols of strength and vulnerability.   Alony got his Master's degree in fine arts at the University of Haifa after studying interior design and architecture (BA, College of Management). This is apparent in his work since there is constant research of the connection between body, object and space. In all his works there is constant dialogue between the object and the user, the human quality and ambient of the environment, a dialogue that creates a new synthesis; Cultural interpretation of the designed and architectural taste and lifestyle.
In recent years, Alony has devoted most of his efforts to wood sculpture, actions of planning, constructing, addicting, subtracting, connecting, and painting. At the same time he takes action of collecting and assembling ready-made objects, which makes his work a combination of traditional work processes and the use of ready-made objects.


My Hero | Barzily, Tel Aviv

September 2009 - October 2009

Life in an Emptied House | ST-ART Residence, Jaffa