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This video, featuring the portrait of Farid el-Atrash performing the song "No One Like You" solo, is projected on an elliptical Gobelin painted white and hung in a frame of wood and gold. The singer emerges from the darkness, his face heavily made up like an odd death mask, and the melodramatic quality of the lyrics is heightened and emphasized by his gestures and facial expressions. Appearing and disappearing, moving and touching but also farcical, Atrash's theatrical singing resembles a struggle for life, ultimately dependent on an external, separate factor. The presentation of the Gobelin within this given frame lends the work a domestic appearance, but also majesty historically associated with the heritage and status of the figures whose portraits are thus presented. This additional context extracts Atrash's portrait from the romantic-narrative context of the film, articulating the complexity involved in the presentation of a portrait, any portrait, in the 21st century. The fact that only the singer's voice is heard at certain moments, while his face is seen at others requires the viewer to explore the fixed ways in which he is accustomed to view images or listen to sound.
(Text by Hadas Maor from ‘Shesh Besh’ exhibition)


Shesh Shes | Pethach Tikva Museum of Art

March 2014 - March 2014

I have no one but you, Solo Exhibition | Circle 1, Berlin, Germany

10/09/2017 - 10/15/2017

The Human Condition – Psychological works from the Serge Tiroche Collection | Art Market Budapest: A38 Gallery


September 2012

A5 The Magazine


Video Works | Nevet Yitzhak